MUJI to Sleep

To Relax Whenever.
To Relax for a while.



Support Your Sleep Anytime and Anywhere
with a Neck Cushion and App.

In the plane, in the bus, in your office, at your school.

Muji will support your sleep Anytime, Anywhere!

App for sleep

MUJI to Sleep: An App to Support Your Sleep Whenever and Wherever You Are.

  1. Put on your headphone and start the app.
  2. Swipe to choose your favorite song.
  3. Set the timer for sleep.
  • Download on the App Store
  • Download on the Google play

iOS7 or higher; Android 4.0 or higher.
This app may not be able to run correctly on some devices.

App Features

Six sounds of nature recorded across various regions of Japan.
High quality stereophonic sounds that will help you get to sleep.

The recordings are made using a "dummy head," a special microphone that resembles the head of a person.
Binaural recordings are used to compile a set of natural sounds with a sense of presence.

How to use the neck cushion

Neck Support

To be used at hard-to-sleep places (such as airplane or highway bus)

How to use the neck cushion

Support for face-down sleeping

To increase the comfort of your nap at school or office.

How to use the neck cushion

Hip cushion

Gentle to your hips even after a long period of desk work.

How to use the neck cushion

Side support

It relieves the stress of long hours work.

Material of the neck cushion

"Comfy Body-fit sofa"

We have used the fine beads same as
the "Comfy Body-fit sofa" that is very popular in MUJI.

Well-Fitted Neck Cushion

Purchase at Muji webstore.

  • navy x grey
  • brown x G border
  • mottled navy
  • Pile grey
  • black
  • orange
  • grey x white
  • khaki
  • pink x G border